Think Healthy Foodporn.... 

At Salad For Supper we love creating healthy, simple yet exciting and beautiful food. Forget dried chicken breast and shrivelled veg, think healthy foodporn! Creating dishes that are nutritious and delicious! Why power through gym sessions to undo all the hard work by eating food that can easily be substituted for leaner, cleaner and more satisfying alternatives!

We believe BALANCE is the key to a healthy diet. A treat every once in a while is absolutely necessary but for those times in-between we aim to avoid refined sugars and  stock up on healthy fats, lots of protein, fresh vegetables and fruit. 

All our suppers are carefully balanced and designed to be no higher than 500 calories in total. If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to contact us.

Order your supper online or browse the recipe section and let us inspire you! All the brands promoted are our tried and tested favourites and used in all our daily cooking.