Matzah Cake

This is the perfect pesach dessert and an amazing baking project to keep your kids entertained!

The only potential pitfall is the frosting As it needs to be stiff and kept cold to keep the layers up. I used this recipe.... click here for the vegan frosting.....or buy shop bought and save yourself the hassle.

To pipe the frosting you just need a medium zip lock bag. Fill the bag with frosting and refrigerate for 10 minutes or until it’s firmed up a little. When you are ready to pipe snip off one  of the bottom corners of the bag, snip off a 1.5/ m2cm straight line....which should leave you with a nice round opening. You can also buy disposable piping bags.

Hold the bag still and gently squeeze hovering at the bottom then slowly lifting to form a teardrop. You can always have a few practices. You need 3 rows of three evenly spaced.

Pipe each layer and then refrigerate for 10 minutes before covering with your next matzah slice. Keeping the frosting cold and firm is essential!

In between the frosting blobs I added whole strawberries but make sure to slice them so they are the same height to keep layers straight. 

Ideas: spread each matzah with lemon curd before piping....oh so delicious! 

Really go for it with the decoration.....Just chuck it all on....the more the merrier!


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